About Us

Australia has a proud tradition of producing some of the finest documentaries in the world. The Frontline Film Foundation is a public cultural organisation created to ensure that this fine tradition will continue.

Until now public funding has ensured the vibrancy of the Australian film industry. However in recent years, the Federal Government has drastically cut its funding support for Australian films. This is creating serious difficulties in financing documentaries and films that seek to examine contentious issues and bring them to the attention of the public.

Filmmakers such as Pat Fiske, Tom Zubryscki, Bob Connolly and David Bradbury have contributed greatly to maintaining a well informed, healthy and robust Australian democracy. Many have received Australian and international awards. For example David Bradbury has been nominated twice for an Academy Award for this films Frontline and Chile: Hasta Cuando? and received an Academy Award Certificate of Special Merit for his film Nicaragua: No Pasaran. Bob Connolly, with the late Robin Anderson, made the acclaimed Rats in the Ranks.

The first Academy Award for Australia was won in 1942 for a documentary shot in New Guinea. It was made by a great wartime cameraman, Damien Parer and was called Kokoda Front Line.

The Frontline Film Foundation is a response to the challenges now facing the Australian film industry.

Its objectives include:

  • To fund and promote the production of films of cultural, environmental and political importance to Australia.
  • To present perspectives through film with integrity, independence and vision in solving national and global problems.
  • To support new generations of filmmakers and to pass on and encourage traditions of telling the truth and independence.
  • To lobby governments to fund a vibrant documentary and feature film industry in Australia

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