America and Me

America and Me is about the filmmakers observations over three months in the US during the lead up to the shock election of Donald Trump. Being a one-man band and always traveling with his camera, David Bradbury was easily able to slip into gear and start filming while on tour of his antimilitarism documentary War on Trial.

Eight US cities later he chronicled what was happening on the streets of America; 40 years after Ronald Reagan introduced the economic theories of Milton Friedman and the infamous Chicago Boys to the world.

He interviews veterans of America’s failed wars to maintain Empire, gets down in the gutter with the homeless to find out what life is like on the streets, speaks to a nun who was violated by the military junta in Guatemala under the directions of a CIA operative, goes to the US/Mexican border where Trump plans to build the Wall, visits the rust belt of middle America where factories are closed and people are hurting. And ends up at the Standing Rock protest camp for Election Day Рa rallying point for Native American Indians and their environmental supporters stopping an oil pipeline cutting through sacred lands and over gravesites. To do what? Pump more oil out for overseas importers.

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Stage: Post Production
Director: David Bradbury
Producer: David Bradbury

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