Dylan’s Story

At age 14, Dylan knew he was different to other boys his age. That’s when mental illness issues crept into his life after several weekends with two mates on some very heavy drug psychosis inducing hydroponic weed. Dylan wanted to prove his manhood; that he could smoke weed and chill out just like his mates. Instead he had a major psychotic flip out. Thus began a long and very painful journey of recovery.

Dylan’s drug use triggered a plethora of mental health disorders – depression, extreme social anxiety and obsessive compulsive behaviour to name a few. His mind became stuck in the groove of one constantly recurring thought as he descended further into Hell-on-earth, seeking momentary relief from prescription and illicit drugs including heroin and ice.

At his worst he fantasized about taking his life just to end the misery.

This journey took him to Egypt during the peak of the counter revolution in 2013 where he was arrested, an extreme operation to lengthen his legs, a catastrophic broken love affair with a poor village girl in Thailand, stealing a car in a dress while high on heroin and numerous suicide attempts.

But fate intervened or was it, as his father believes, a merciful God?

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Stage: Post Production
Director: David Bradbury & Dylan Bradbury
Producer: David Bradbury